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Excerpt of a Fairy Tale in Udi
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Source: http://www.language-museum.com/u/udi.htm
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Remark: Translation: A king caught a king, and imprisones him, carries him to his own land, keeps him in his own house. He rules over that kingdom. After 20 years, the imprisoned king asked this king: I think of my homeland, allow me that I go to my land and will examine it. This king had a wise old adviser, really, this one did not serve, but the king honors him much, and gives him a revenue, too. The king asks this one: the imprisoned king wants to go to his country to examine it. What do you advise? This advisor says: don't let him go. If you want to test him, let them bring earth from his land, pour it out in the garden in the place where you are daily walking around. If, while walking on his earth, he changes, an allowance will not be given. This king let them bring earth from the land of the imprisoned king, and let them pour it out in the garden where they two walk around together every day. After having poured out the earth, they two walk around. The imprisoned king came and while stepping on his earth, he immediately starts to raise his head in order to say very strong words, as if fire comes out of his mouth. He starts to quarrel with the king. The king starts to think that he does so on the earth from his land, if he would go to his country, he will start war. Thus he does not allow that the imprisoned king would go to his country.