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Number of speakers: 341.000.000 (1999)
Language Code: ENG
Spoken in: CANADA [Details], IRELAND [Details], UNITED KINGDOM [Details], UNITED STATES [Details]

English is spoken by more than 300.000.000 native speakers living in the UK, the USA and practically all over the world.

English has the biggest number of native speakers after Chinese, Arabic and Hindi. It is the geographically most widespread... [more ...]

1   A (Very) Brief History of the English Language
2   A Brief History of Runes in Europe:
3   American Speech
4   Anglo-Saxon Runes Table
5   Beowulf in Hypertext
6   Common Errors in English
7   Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)
8   Germanic Languages
9   History of English Language
10   Introduction to Grammar
11   Journal of English Linguistics
12   Labyrinth Library Middle English Bookcase
13   Lowland-L
14   McCaffery (Yorks Dialect Audio)
15   Merriam-Webster Online
16   Middle English Compendium
17   NASA Thesaurus Vol. 1 & 2
18   Old English Poetry
19   Telsur Project
20   The English Language
21   The English Language: Words Borrowed from Other Languages
22   The Historical Grammar of the Old English Language
23   The Origin of London's Place Names (Districts and Boroughs)
24   The Origin of Words and Names

1  Vowel ɪɚ "near, hear" American English Pronunciation
2  Vowel ɶ "cat, black"

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