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Number of speakers: 71.000.000 (1999)
Language Code: YUH
In language groups: SINO-TIBETAN » SINITIC
Spoken in: AUSTRALIA [Details], BRUNEI DARUSSALAM [Details], CANADA [Details], CHINA [Details], COSTA RICA [Details], HONDURAS [Details], INDONESIA [Details], MALAYSIA [Details], MAURITIUS [Details], NAURU [Details], NETHERLANDS [Details], NEW ZEALAND [Details], PANAMA [Details], PHILIPPINES [Details], SINGAPORE [Details], SOUTH AFRICA [Details], THAILAND [Details], UNITED KINGDOM [Details], VIET NAM [Details]
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20   Yue Phonology

1  "Congratulations!" in Cantonese
2  "Good Afternoon" in Cantonese
3  "Good Bye" in Cantonese
4  "Good Morning" in Cantonese
5  "Good Night" in Cantonese
6  "How are you?" in Cantonese
7  "How old are you?" in Oral Cantonese
8  "My name is..." in Oral Cantonese
9  "No" in Oral Cantonese
10  "Sorry" in Cantonese
11  "Thank you!" in Oral Cantonese
12  "What's your name?" in Oral Cantonese
13  "Where do you come from?" in Oral Cantonese
14  "Where do you live?" in Oral Cantonese
15  "Yes" in Oral Cantonese
16  "Zero" in Cantonese
17  Number 1 in Cantonese
18  Number 10 in Cantonese
19  Number 10.000 in Cantonese
20  Number 1000 in Cantonese
21  Number 2 in Cantonese
22  Number 3 in Cantonese
23  Number 4 in Cantonese
24  Number 5 in Cantonese
25  Number 6 in Cantonese
26  Number 7 in Cantonese
27  Number 8 in Cantonese
28  Number 9 in Cantonese
29  Numbers 1-10 in Cantonese

1  Cantonese Geographical Extension
2  Cantonese and Hakka Vowel Comparisons

1   Chan, Marjorie K.M.: Zhong-Shan Phonology: A Synchronic and Diachronic Analysis of a Yue (Cantonese) Dialect (M. A. thesis)
2   Chik Hon Man & Ng Lam Sim Yuk (eds.): Chinese-English Dictionary: Cantonese in Yale Romanization, Mandarin in Pinyin.
3   Cowles, Roy T.: A Pocket Dictionary of Cantonese
4   Cowles, Roy T.: The Cantonese Speaker's Dictionary. Reprint.
5   Eitel, Ernest J.: A Chinese-English Dictionary in the Cantonese Dialect, 1910-1911. Set. Western Linguists and the Languages of China Series
6   Eitel, Ernest J.: Chinese Dictionary: Cantonese Dialect.
7   Lau, Kam Y.: Cantonese Phrasebook
8   Morrison, Robert : Vocabulary of the Canton Dialect
9   Schwalm, Claudia: Cantonese - English Picture Dictionary (Juvenile)
10   Williams, Samuel Wells: A Tonic Dictionary of the Chinese Language in the Canton Dialect 1856. (Set. Western Linguists and the Languages of China Series)
11   Xin Ya Zhong Guo Yu Wan Yan Xi Suo: English-Cantonese Dictionary
12   Zifan, Zeng: Colloquial Cantonese and Putonghua Equivalents