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WU CHINESE Links (5)   Books (2)   
Number of speakers: 77.175.000 (1984)
Language Code: WUU
In language groups: SINO-TIBETAN » SINITIC
Spoken in: Jiangsu/CHINA [Details], Zhejiang/CHINA [Details]
1   Glossika Chinese Dialects
2   Key Characteristics of Chinese Languages
3   Lengua China - Dialecto Wú
4   The Number System of Wu Chinese
5   Wu Phonology

1   Creamer, Thomas et al (eds.): A Chinese-English Dictionary of the Wu Dialect (Featuring the Dialect of the City of Shanghai)
2   Qian, Nairong: Wuyu shengdiao xitong de leixing jiqi bianqian [The pattern and derivation of tonal system in Wu Chinese]