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Number of speakers: 874.000.000 (1999)
Language Code: CHN
In language groups: SINO-TIBETAN » SINITIC
1   "Chinaknowledge" - A Universal Guide for China Studies
2   A Chinese Language Proficiency Test
3   A Chinese Language Proficiency Test
4   A Review of Chinese Word Lists Accessible on the Internet
5   About the Chinese Language
6   Basic Chinese Grammar
7   Beginning Chinese: Lesson 1
8   Beijing Language and Culture University
9   CRI - Chinese Radio International
10   CScanner - A Chinese Lexical Scanner
11   China HSK
12   Chinese - English Online Dictionary
13   Chinese Character Dictionary
14   Chinese Character Dictionary
15   Chinese Character Genealogy (Online Chinese Dictionary)
16   Chinese Characters Dictionary Web
17   Chinese Computing
18   Chinese Language - Discover!
19   Chinese Language - Link Collection
20   Chinese Language Guide for New Students
21   Chinese
22   Chinese Newspapers
23   Chinese Romanization Guide
24   Chinese Software
25   Chinese Software Trainer
26   Chinese Television Stations
27   Chinese Text Computing
28   Chinese Word Segmentation
29   Chineses Language - An Overview
30   Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online
31   Effective Learning of Standard Chinese
32   First Year Chinese
33   Free Chinese Dictionary
34   Free Chinese Dictionary
35   Ganesha - Western Linguists and The Languages of China
36   Glossika Chinese Dialects
37   HSK in Michigan
38   Hakka's Relation to Cantonese and Mandarin
39   Hua Lin's Chinese Language Links
40   Internet Based Chinese Teaching & Learning
41   Introduction to the Chinese Language and its Processing
42   Key Characteristics of Chinese Languages
43   Learn Chinese
44   Learn Chinese - Audio Tutorial of Survival Chinese
45   Learn Mandarin
46   Learning Chinese Online
47   Lengua China - Dialecto Mandarín
48   Linguistic Features of the Chinese Language Family
49   Mandarin Chinese Language Overview
50   Mandarin Classroom
51   Mandarin Language Examples - Authorization Required!
52   Mandarin Phonology
53   Mandarin Profile
54   Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks
56 - Chinese Language Learning
57   Online Chinese Tools
58   Online College for Chinese Language
59   Pinyin - Learning the Chinese Language Through Phonetics
60   Pop-up Hits for Chinese
61   Putonghua for Beginners
62   Pŭtōnghùa (Mandarin)
63   Rikai - An Online Dictionary
64   Study Mandarin Chinese Using VOA
65   Survival Chinese
66   The Chinese Outpost
67   UVM Chinese Program Homepage

1  "April" in Chinese
2  "August" in Chinese
3  "Bon appetit!" in Chinese
4  "December" in Chinese
5  "Excuse me." in Chinese
6  "Febrary" in Chinese
7  "Friday" in Chinese
8  "Glad to meet you!" in Chinese
9  "Good bye!" in Chinese
10  "Good day!" in Chinese
11  "Good evening!" in Chinese
12  "Good morning!" in Chinese
13  "Good night!" in Chinese
14  "Hope to see you again next time." in Chinese
15  "How are you, Mr. Wang?" in Chinese
16  "How do you say ... in Chinese?" in Chinese
17  "How much?" in Chinese
18  "How old are you?" in Chinese
19  "I am John." in Chinese
20  "January" in Chinese
21  "July" in Chinese
22  "June" in Chinese
23  "March" in Chinese
24  "May I have a look at this?" in Chinese
25  "May" in Chinese
26  "November" in Chinese
27  "October" in Chinese
28  "Saturday" in Chinese
29  "See you again." in Chinese
30  "September" in Chinese
31  "Speak slowly so that I can learn it." in Chinese
32  "Sunday" in Chinese
33  "Thank you very much."
34  "Thank you" in Chinese
35  "Thursday" in Chinese
36  "Tuesday" in Chinese
37  "Wednesday" in Chinese
38  "What do you recommend?" in Chinese
39  "What is your name?"
40  "What time do you close?" in Chinese
41  "Where is the bathroom?" in Chinese
42  "You are welcome." in Chinese
43  "a hundred thousand" in Chinese
44  "a kilogram" in Chinese
45  "a meter" in Chinese
46  "eight" in Chinese
47  "eleven" in Chinese
48  "five hundred grams" in Chinese
49  "five" in Chinese
50  "four" in Chinese
51  "nine" in Chinese
52  "one hundred" in Chinese
53  "one thousand" in Chinese
54  "one" in Chinese
55  "seven" in Chinese
56  "six" in Chinese
57  "ten" in Chinese
58  "three" in Chinese
59  "two" in Chinese
60  "weekend" in Chinese

1  Chinese Character Writing Exercise Sheet I
2  Chinese Character Writing Exercise Sheet II
3  The Four Tones
4  Writing Chinese Chraracters: Order of Strokes

1   : A Child's Picture English-Chinese Dictionary (illus. Sheheen, Dennis). Reprint (Juvenile).
2   : A Chinese-English Dictionary
3   : A Concise English-Chinese Dictionary
4   : Advanced English - Chinese Pinyin Dictionary
5   : Beijing Language Institute Staff. Everyday Chinese-English Dictionary
6   : Best Chinese Idioms. Vol. 1
7   : Best Chinese Idioms. Vol. 2
8   : Chinese
9   : Chinese Dictionary of Verbs
10   : Chinese-English Dictionary of Idioms: Compiled by Specialists of English from Sichuan Province
11   : Chinese-English Expressions for Travellers
12   : Chinese-English Handbook: Idioms
13   : Chinese. Handy Dictionaries
14   : Classified and Illustrated Chinese - English
15   : Elementary Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary
16   : English - Chinese Dictionary
17   : English-Chinese Advanced (Pinyin) Times Dictionary
18   : English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary
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20   : Longman New Junior English-Chinese Dictionary
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23   : The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Chinese Dictionary. (no pinyin)
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59   Commercial Press Staff: Times Chinese-English Dictionary
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74   Ge Chuan-Gui (ed.): A New English-Chinese Dictionary. Enlarged, Revised
75   Go, Ping-Gam: What Character Is That? An Easy-Access Dictionary of 5,000 Chinese Characters
76   Goodrich, C.: Chinese-English: Pocket
77   Gramer, Margot F.: The Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary: English/Chinese. (Juvenile)
78   Harbaugh, Rick (ed.): Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary
79   Hart, Scott A.: Nexus-Lex: A Multimedia Chinese-English Lexicon of Characters
80   Hemeling, Karl E.: English-Chinese Dictionary: Standard Chinese
81   Heng, Xiao-jun & Zhang, Xue-sh: A Chinese-English Dictionary of Idioms and Proverbs
82   Herdan, Gustav: The sturcturalistic approach to Chinese grammar and vocabulary
83   Hippocrene Books Staff: English-Chinese Pocket Pinyin Dictionary
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