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Alternative names: ZEND, AVESTA
Extinct: yes
Language Code: AVS
In language groups: INDO-EUROPEAN » IRANIAN

Avestan is an Old Iranian language, which is extinct since more than 2.000 years. It is closely related to also extinct Old Persian, which was one of the official languages of the Achaimenid Empire in the first millennium BCE. Avestan is linguistically... [more ...]

1   Avesta Pronunciation and Writing
2   Avestan Alphabet
3   Avestan Language
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6   Dictionary of Most Common Avesta Words
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1  Avestan Consonants
2  Avestan Vowel System
3  Teach Yourself Avesta Language

1   Karl Hoffmann, Bernhard Forssman: Avestische Laut- und Flexionslehre
2   Robert S. P. Beekes: A Grammar of Gatha-Avestan