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Alternative names: KARTULI, GRUZINSKI
Number of speakers: 4.103.000
Language Code: GEO
In language groups: SOUTH CAUCASIAN » GEORGIAN
Spoken in: ARMENIA [Details], AZERBAIJAN [Details], GEORGIA [Details], IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF [Details], KYRGYZSTAN [Details], TAJIKISTAN [Details], TURKEY [Details], TURKMENISTAN [Details], UKRAINE [Details], UZBEKISTAN [Details]

Georgian is spoken by a little more than 4 million speakers. Most speakers live in Georgia. There are significant Georgian speaking minorities in Turkey and Iran.

Georgian has a number of dialects with a major division between eastern and... [more ...]

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1  "Ant"
2  "Bear"
3  "Big"
4  "Blackberry"
5  "Clown"
6  "Don't"
7  "Duck"
8  "Eagle"
9  "Elephant"
10  "Few/ a little"
11  "Fruit"
12  "Georgia"
13  "Georgian"
14  "Giraffe"
15  "Good-bye"
16  "Grape"
17  "Hello"
18  "I am English"
19  "I don't understand"
20  "I love you"
21  "I miss you"
22  "I want"
23  "Let's go"
24  "Lion"
25  "Many thanks"
26  "Owl"
27  "Please"
28  "Quickly"
29  "Rose"
30  "Shark"
31  "Ship"
32  "Small"
33  "Sorry"
34  "Thank you"
35  "This is beautiful"
36  "Turtle"
37  "Very"
38  "Where is...?"
39  "and"
40  "no"
41  "of course"
42  "or"
43  "yes (yeah)"
44  Georgian Language Sample (1a)
45  Georgian Language Sample (1b)
46  Georgian Language Sample (2)
47  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.025
48  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.051
49  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.076
50  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.101
51  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.123
52  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.137
53  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.152
54  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.163
55  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.184 -text
56  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.184 -voc.
57  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.218 -text
58  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.218 -voc.
59  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.232
60  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.250
61  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.262
62  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.286
63  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.295
64  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.315
65  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.324
66  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.348
67  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.360a
68  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.360b
69  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.384
70  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.394
71  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.412
72  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.412
73  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.417 -text
74  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.417 -voc.
75  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.? L15 text
76  Howard I. Aronson: A Reading Grammar p.? L15 voc.
77  Mingrelian speaker counts 1-10 in Georgian

1  Georgian Adjective Endings
2  Georgian Alphabets (1)
3  Georgian Alphabets (2)
4  Georgian Alphabets (3)
5  Georgian Alphabets (4)
6  Georgian Case Marking
7  Georgian Consonants
8  Georgian Language Map
9  Georgian Vowels
10  Mkhedruli Script
11  Noun Declension
12  Old Georgian Script
13  Personal Pronouns
14  Pronominal Markers
15  Screeve System of Georgian
16  Transliteration Table for Ancient Mkhedruli Letters
17  Transliteration Table for Mkhedruli
18  Verb Complex

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