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Alternative names: UBYX, PEKHI, OUBYKH
Extinct: yes
Language Code: UBY
In language groups: NORTH-WEST CAUCASIAN » UBYKH
Spoken in: TURKEY [Details]

Extinct. The last Ubykh speaker, Tevfik Esenc, died in Istanbul at the age of 88 in 1992.

Ubykh is member of the Northwest Caucasian language family.

Until 1864 the Ubykh people lived along the eastern shore of the Black Sea in... [more ...]

1   In Memoriam: Ubykh

1  Ubykh Alphabet

1   Dum'zil, Georges: La langue des Oubykhs
2   Dume´zil, G.; Esenc, T.: Le verbe oubykh. E´tudes descriptives et comparatives
3   Vogt, Hans: Dictionnaire de la langue oubykh avec introduction phonologique