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Alternative name: EESTI
Number of speakers: 1.100.000
Language Code: EST
Spoken in: AUSTRALIA [Details], CANADA [Details], ESTONIA [Details], FINLAND [Details], LATVIA [Details], LITHUANIA [Details], RUSSIAN FEDERATION [Details], SWEDEN [Details], UNITED KINGDOM [Details], UNITED STATES [Details]

Estonian is spoken by 1.100.000 people. The vast majority of the speakers live in Estonia. Minorities are reported in Finland, Russia, Latvia, Sweden, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Estonian belongs to the Baltic-Finnic... [more ...]

1   Bibliography of Conversation Studies in Scandinavia: Estonia
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1  Estonian Alphabet
2  Estonian Language Map
3  Estonian Orthography

1   Benych, Ksana: Estonian-English/English-Estonian: Dictionary & Phasebook
2   Harms, Robert T.: A Grammar of Estonian
3   Hasselblatt, C.: Grammatisches Wörterbuch des Estnischen (Societas Uralo-Altaica 35)
4   Help, T.: Linguistic Competence and Morphology
5   Kiiv, Xenia: Estonian-English / English-Estonian Concise Dictionary
6   Kuusik, Evelin et al.: An Estonian Morpho-Generator for Dictionaries
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8   Moseley, Christopher: Colloquial Estonian: A Complete Language Course
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11   Oinas, Felix: Estonian Basic Course
12   Puolakainen, T.: Eesti keele morfoloogiline ühestamine kintsenduste grammatika abil. (Morphological disambiguation of Estonian using Constraint Grammar) Master thesis
13   Päll, P.: Eesti noomeni silbistruktuur ja aktsent
14   Raag, Raimo: Estnisk Fonetik
15   Raun, A. and A. Saareste: Introduction to Estonian Linguistics
16   Saagpak, P. F.: Estonian-English Dictionary
17   Soderman, Tiina: Lexical Characteristics of the Estonian North Eastern Coastal Dialect (Studia Uralica Upsaliensia , No 24)
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21   Wiedemann, F. J.: Ehstnisch-deutsches Wörterbuch