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Alternative names: SUOMI, SUOMEA
Number of speakers: 6.000.000 (1999)
Language Code: FIN
Spoken in: CANADA [Details], ESTONIA [Details], FINLAND [Details], NORWAY [Details], RUSSIAN FEDERATION [Details], SWEDEN [Details], UNITED STATES [Details]

The Finnish language is spoken by approximately 6.000.000 people. The major part of the speakers live in Finland. Significant communities of speakers are reported in Sweden and the Russian Federation. Lesser numbers of speakers also live in Canada,... [more ...]

1   A Chance to Speak Finnish
2   Discover Finland
3   English-Finnish Technical Word List
4   English-Finnish-English Online Dictionary
5   Finish - Language Overview
6   Finnish
7   Finnish Grammar
8   Finnish Grammar/Finnische Grammatik/Suomen Kielioppi
9   Finnish Language (Wikipeda - The Free Encyclopedia)
10   Finnish Online Newspapers
11   Finnish Radio Stations
12   Finnish for Foreigners
13   Finnish-English-Finnish and Related Languages On-Line Dictionaries
14   Finsko-Russkiy Slovar' (Finnish-Russian Dictionary)
15   Learning Finnish - Dictionaries and other Study-Material
16   Newspaper: "Turun Sanomat"
17   Say "Hello!" in the Finnish Language
18   Society for the Study of Finnish
19   Studying Finnish- Universities in Finland
20   Swedish-Finnish Dictionary
21   Technical Terms Used in Educational Technology (English and Finnish)
22   Test Your Finnish
23   The Finnish Language
24   The Finnish Language
25   The Finnish Noun Inflection
26   The Origin of Finnish and Related Languages
27   University of Turku
28   When Sisters Meet - Ingrian Finnish in Estonia
29   YLE Radio Finnland

1  "Can I have the bill please?"
2  "Could I have the menu please?"
3  "Could you help me?"
4  "Do you speak English?"
5  "Do you understand?"
6  "Excuse me!" or "Sorry!"
7  "Excuse me, could you tell me the time?"
8  "Excuse me, do you know where I can find a pharmacy?
9  "Excuse me, do you know where the railway station is?"
10  "Good evening!"
11  "Good morning!"
12  "Good night!"
13  "Goodbye!"
14  "Hi"
15  "How are you?"
16  "How do you do?" or "Hello!"
17  "How do you say this in [English]?"
18  "How much does this cost?"
19  "How!"- Phrases
20  "I'm sorry but I don't speak Finnish. Do you speak English?"
21  "Monday- Sunday"
22  "Nice to meet you!"
23  "Nice weather today!"
24  "Sorry, I don't speak Finnish!"
25  "Straight ahead"
26  "Thank you"
27  "To the left"
28  "To the right"
29  "Unfortunately, ..."
30  "Welcome!"
31  "What is this?"
32  "You are welcome!" - "Thank you!"
33  Bodyparts in Finnish 1
34  Bodyparts in Finnish 2 (Head and Hands)
35  Numbers 0-10
36  Numbers 11-20
37  Numbers 21-30
38  Oldest Finnish Text
39  Personal Pronouns - Persoonapronominit
40  Possessive Pronouns- Persoonapronominien genetiivi
41  Text: "Sinuhe, the Egyptian"
42  The Alphabet- "Aakkoset"

1  Finnish Language Map
2  Finnish Noun Inflection

1   : Suomi-Englanti-Suomi taskusanakirja
2   Aaltio, Maija-Hellikki: Finnish for Foreigners
3   Aaltio, Maija-Hellikki: Finnish for Foreigners (Textbooks, Exercises)
4   Ahonen & White: Monta sataa suomen sanaa
5   Atkinson, J.: Finnish Grammar
6   Austerlitz, Robert: Finnish Reader and Glossary
7   Bell, Aili Rytkönen; Koski, Augustus: Finnish Graded Reader
8   Branch, M.: Student's glossary of Finnish
9   Eliot, C. N.: A Finnish Grammar
10   Fromm, H.: Finnische Grammatik
11   Hakulinen, L.: Structure and Development of the Finnish Language (Uralic and Altaic Series 3)
12   Holman, Eugene: Handbook of Finnish Verbs
13   Horton, Leena: First Finnish
14   Karlsson, Fred: Finnish Grammar
15   Lehtinen, Meri: Basic Course in Finnish (Ural and Altaic Series #27)
16   Leney, Terttu: Teach Yourself Finnish
17   Lieko, Anneli: Suomen kielen fonetiikkaa ja fonologiaa ulkomaalaisille (Finnish phonetics and phonology for foreigners)
18   Olli, John B.: Fundamentals of Finnish Grammar
19   Rytkönen-Bell, Aili: A Practical Guide to Reading Finnish
20   Rytkönen-Bell, Aili; Argoff, H. David : Conversational Finnish (Basic Finnish textbook for intensive Course, Tapes, Drillbook and Glossary)
21   Rytkönen-Bell, Aili; Koski, Augustus A.: Finnish. Graded Reader.
22   Siitonen, K.: Auringonvalo. Elämää suomalaisessa kylässä. (Reading materials for conversation classes)
23   Sorjonen, Marja-Leena: Responding in conversation. A study of response particles in Finnish
24   Sulkala, Helena; Merja Karjalainen: Descriptive Finnish Grammar
25   Vähämäki, Börje: Mastering Finnish
26   Whitney, Arthur H.: Finnish (Teach Yourself Books)