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The Sinitic languages, also called 'Chinese Languages', form a top-level constituent of the Sino-Tibetan language family. Sinitic, together with the Tibeto-Burmese languages and Karen constitute the Sino-Tibetan language family.

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1   "Chinaknowledge" - A Universal Guide for China Studies
2   Chinese Ancient Texts Center
3   Chinese Character Dictionary
4   Chinese Characters Dictionary Web
5   Chinese Computing
6   Chinese Cultural Studies: The Chinese Language and Writing
7   Chinese Dialect (Wikipedia Encyclopedia)
8   Chinese Language (Wikipedia Encyclopedia)
9   Chinese Language - Discover!
10   Chinese Language Information Page
11   Chinese Language Teachers Association
12   Chinese Languages
13   Chinese Languages
14   Chinese Linguistics
15   Chinese Linguistics Page
16   Chinese Linguistics Program
17   Chinese Pronunciation Guide
18   Chinese Star
19   Chinese Written Language
20   DOC (Dialects of China) Files
21   Database Query to Chinese Characters
22   Department of Chinese Studies Vienna University
23   Effective Learning of Standard Chinese
24   English-Chinese (Traditional) Dictionary
25   Gan, Hakka and the Formation of the Chinese Dialects
26   Glossika Chinese Dialects
27   Internet Guide for China Studies
28   Introduction to Sinitic-Vietnamese Studies
29   Introduction to the Chinese Language and its Processing
30   Journal of Chinese Linguistics
31   Key Characteristics of Chinese Languages
32   Lengua China
33   Linguistic Features of the Chinese Language Family
34   Literacy, Writing and Education in Chinese Culture: Bibliography
35   Marjorie Chan's China Links
36   Microsoft Global Input Method Editors (IMEs)
37   NJStar Chinese Word Processors
38   Pinyin-English Dictionary
39   RichWin for Internet
40   Sinologic
41   Technical Notes on the Chinese Language Dialects
42   TwinBridge Software Corporation: Chinese Language Software

1  Chinese Character Evolution
2  Chinese Language Tree
3  Chinese Word Families
4  Min Language Tree
5  Regions of Chinese Dialects
6  The Changing Degrees of Chinese ‘Chineseness’ - Ancient ‘Zhongguo’ and the ‘Other’
7  The Tones of Some Major Chinese Dialects
8  Writing Chinese Chraracters: Order of Strokes

1   Aria, Barbara: Nature of Chinese character
2   Bai, Jianhua & Juyu Sung & Hesheng Zhang: Across the Straits: 22 Miniscripts for Developing Advanced Listening Skills in Chinese. Student Book
3   Baxter, William: A handbook of Old Chinese phonology
4   Bisang, Walter: Das Verb im Chineschischen, Hmong, Vietnamesischen, Thai und Khmer
5   Bjorksten, Johan : Learn to Write Chinese Characters (Yale Language Series)
6   Boltz, William G.: The origin and early development of the Chinese writing system
7   Chang, Leon Long-yien & Miller, Peter: Four thousand years of Chinese calligraphy
8   Chappell, Hilary (ed.): Sinitic Grammar - Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives
9   Chen, Ping: Modern Chinese: History and Sociolinguistics
10   Cheng, Tsai-fa : Ancient Chinese and Early Mandarin
11   Cook, Richard S.: The etymology of Chinese chén (LTBA 18.2)
12   DeFrancis, John: The Chinese Language: Fact and Fantasy
13   Du, Ruofu et al.: Chinese Surnames and the Genetic Difference between North and South China
14   Fu, Shen: Traces of the brush: studies in Chinese calligraphy. Reprint.
15   Herdan, Gustav: The sturcturalistic approach to Chinese grammar and vocabulary
16   Hong, Wei: A Cross-Cultural Study of Requests in Chinese and German. Ph.D. dissertation
17   Huang, Chu-ren et al, eds.: Readings in Chinese Natural Language Processing
18   Karlgren, Bernhard: Analytic Dictionary of Chinese and Sino-Japanese
19   Karlgren, Bernhard: Sound & symbol in Chinese
20   Karlgren, Bernhard: The Chinese Language: An Essay on its Nature
21   Karlgren, Bernhard: ZhongGuo YinYunXue YanJiu - Études sur la phonologie chinoise (1995 reprint of the 1940 translation)
22   LaPolla, R. J.: Grammatical Relations in Chinese.Ph.D. thesis
23   Liu, Cary Y. (ed.): Character and Context in Chinese Calligraphy
24   Masini, Federico: The Formation of Modern Chinese Lexicon and Its Evolution toward a National Language: The Period from 1840 to 1898
25   McNaughton, William: Reading and Writing Chinese
26   Newman, John & Anand V. Raman: Chinese Historical Phonology
27   Norman, Jerry: Chinese
28   Piasek, Martin: Gesprochenes Chinesisch
29   Ping-Gam, Go: What Character is That: An Easy-Access Dictionary of 5,000 Chinese Characters. 2nd Edition
30   Pulleyblank, Edwin G.: Lexicon of Reconstructed Pronunciation in Early Middle Chinese, Late Middle Chinese, and Early Mandarin
31   Simmons, Richard VanNess (ed.): Issues in Chinese Dialect Description and Classification
32   South Coblin, W.: A Compendium of Phonetics in Northwest China
33   South Coblin, W.: A handbook of Eastern Han sound glosses
34   South Coblin, W.: Studies in Old Northwest Chinese
35   Sun, Chaofen (ed.): Studies on the History of Chinese Syntax
36   Teng, Shou-Hsin: A semantic study of transitivity relations in Chinese
37   Ting, Pang-Hsin (ed.): Contemporary Studies on the Min Dialects
38   Wang, William S-Y (ed.): The Ancestry of the Chinese Language
39   Wang, William S-Y. (ed.): Languages and Dialects of China
40   Wieger, Leon: Chinese Characters, Their Origin, Etymology, History, Classification and Signification. (trans. Davrout, L.)
41   Williams, Samuel Wells: A Syllabic Dictionary of the Chinese Language: Arranged According to the Wu-Fang Yuen Yin, with the Pronunciation as Heard in Peking, Canton, Amoy, and Shanghai 1874 (Set. Western Linguists and the Languages of China Series.)
42   Yuan, J.: An Outline of the Chinese Dialects