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1   A few Thoughts on the Language of the Inuit
2   Arctic History
3   Arviat's Inuktitut Pictionary
4   Aspects of Traditional Inupiat Education By Paul Ongtooguk
5   Cultures and Ethnic Origins: Inuit
6   Eskimo Words for Snow
7   Eskimo-English Dictionary
8   Future of Inuktitut
9   Information on the Inuit
10   Inktitut Fonts
11   Inuit
12   Inuit
13   Inuit - Authorization Required!
14   Inuit - Authorization Required!
15   Inuit Fonts
16   Inuit History
17   Inuit/Inuktitut
18   Inuktitut Fonts
19   Inuktitut Fonts
20   Inuktitut Fonts
21   Inuktitut Living Dictionary
22   Inuktitut Script
23   Inuktitut Syllabary
24   Inuktitut Writing Culture
25   Inuktitut for Travellers
26   Inuktut Fonts
27   Inupiaq
28   Inupiaq-Who we are
29   Inupiat History Language and Culture
30   Iñupiat of Arctic Alaska
31   Life in Nunavik
32   Live from the Tundra
33   On (non-)finiteness in Inuktitut
34   Our World - Our Way of Life
35   People of Tununiq
36   Preserving the language (Inuktitut)
37   The Avataq Cultural Institute
38   Writing in Inuktitut: A historical Perspective
39   Ètudes Inuit Studies

1  Inuktitut Syllables
2  Inuktitut Vocabulary
3  Inuktitut syllabary
4  Inuktitut words
5  Inupiatun Map
6  The Inuit Circumpolar Region
7  The Inuktitut Alphabet

1   Berge, Anna: A Comparison of Four Theories of Syntax and Their Relation to the Study of Inuktitut - Workbook.
2   Berge, Anna : A Comparison of Four Theories of Syntax and Their Relation to the Study of Inuktitut.
3   Blotgett, Jean: The Coming and Going of the Shaman: Eskimo Shaminism.
4   Bock-Bennema, Reineke: Case and agreement in Inuit.
5   Brody, Hugh: The people's land: Inuit, whites and the Eastern Arctic.
6   Dorais, Louis-Jacques : Language in Inuit Society .
7   Dorais, Louis-Jaques: From magic words to word processing: A history of the Inuit language.
8   Dorais, Louis-Jaques: Inuit uqausingit: Manuel de langue inuit.
9   Dorais, Louis-Jaques: Inuit uqausiqatigiit: Inuit languages and dialects.
10   Dorais, Louis-Jaques: La parole inuit: langue, culture et société dans l'Arctique de l'ouest.
11   Dorais, Louis-Jaques: The Inuit language in Inujjuaq and Great Whale River.
12   Fortescue, Michael: A comparative manual of affixes for the Inuit dialects of Greenland, Canada and Alaska.
13   Harper, Kenn: Current status of writing systems for Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun and Inuvialuktun.
14   Johns, Alana: Transitivity and grammatical relationsin Inuktiut.
15   Johnson, Marion: Ergantivity in Inuktitut in Montague grammar and in relational grammar.
16   Kaplan, Lawrence: North Slope Iñupiaq Literacy Manual.
17   Kaplan, Lawrence D. : Qawiaraq Inupiaq Literacy Manual .
18   Kaplan, Lawrence; Williams, Lorena : Iñupiaq Phrase and Conversation Lessons.
19   Lipscomb, David: Comparativ Inuit phonology.
20   Lipton, Barbara: Survival Life and Art of the Alaskan Eskimo.
21   MacLean, Edna Ahgeak: Inupiaq narratives: interaction of demonstratives, aspect, and tense.
22   MacLean, Edna Ahgeak: Iñupiallu Tanngillu Uqalungisa Ilangich (Abridged Iñupiaq and English Dictionary)
23   MacLean, Edna Ahgeak: Quliaqtuat Mumiaksrat: Ilisaqtuanun Savaaksriat
24   MacLean, Edna Ahgeak: Suva Una? (What Is It Doing?)
25   Mallon, S.T.: Introductory Inuktitut.
26   Mallon, S.T.: Introductory Inuktitut. Reference Grammar.
27   Nowak, Elke: Ergantivitaet und Transivitaet. Untersuchungen zur Grammatik von Inuktitut.
28   Nowak, Elke: Transforming the Images. Ergativity and Transitivity in Inuktitut (Eskimo).
29   Sammons, Mary Susan: Inuktitut in Rankin Inlet.
30   Schneider, Lucien: Grammaire esquimaude du sous-dialecte de l'Ungava.
31   Schneider, Lucien: Inuktutuorutit grammaire purement esquimaude.
32   Schneider, Lucien: Ulirnaisigutiit: An Inuktitut-English dictionary of Northern Quebec, Labrodor and Eastern Arctic dialects.
33   Wilman, David: The natural language of Inuit children: a key to Inuktitut literacy.