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English is spoken by more than 300.000.000 native speakers living in the UK, the USA and practically all over the world.

English has the biggest number of native speakers after Chinese, Arabic and Hindi. It is the geographically most widespread... [more ...]

1   : The Oxford English Dictionary I-XIII
2   Baugh, A. C.: A History of the English Language
3   Blair, P. H.: An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon England
4   Bosworth, J. & Toller, T. N.: An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary I-II
5   Brook, G. L.: A History of the English Language
6   Brook, G. L.: English Dialects
7   Brunner, K.: Abriß der mittelenglischen Grammatik
8   Brunner, K.: Die englische Sprache I-II
9   Campbell, A.: Old English Grammar
10   Chadwick, H. M.: The Origin of the English Nation
11   Clark, J. W.: Early English: A Study of Old and Middle English
12   Curme, G. O.: A Grammar of the English Language I-II
13   Dobson, F. J.: English Pronunciation 1500-1700 I-II
14   Einenkel, E.: Geschichte der Englischen Sprache. Historische Syntax
15   Ekwall, E.: English River-Names
16   Ekwall, E.: Historische neuenglische Laut- und Formenlehre
17   Ekwall, E.: The Concise Dictionary of English Place-Names
18   Emerson, O. F.: A Middle English Reader
19   Foster, B.: The Changing English Language
20   Förster, M.: Der Flußname Themse und seine Sippe
21   Grein, C. W. M.: Sprachschatz der angelsächsischen Dichter
22   Hall, J. R. C.: A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary
23   Hessels, J. H. (ed.): An Eighth-Century Latin-Anglo-Saxon Glossary (Corpus)
24   Hiltunen, R.: The Decline of the Prefixes and the Beginnings of the English Phrasal Verb
25   Hodgkin, R. H.: A History of the Anglo-Saxons I-II
26   Hogg, R. (ed.): The Cambridge History of the English Language (7 vols.)
27   Holthausen, F.: Altenglisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch
28   Jackson, K.: Language and History in Early Britian
29   Jespersen, O. H.: A Modern English Grammar on Historical Principles I-VII
30   Jesperson, O.: Growth and Structure of the English Language
31   Jones, D.: An Outline of English Phonetics
32   Jordan, R.: Handbook of Middle English Grammar
33   Kemenade, A. van: Syntactic Case and Morphological Case in History of English
34   Kluge, F.: Mittelenglisches Lesebuch
35   Kufner, H. L.: The Grammatical Structure of English and German
36   Kurath, H.: A Handbook of the Linguistic Geography of New England
37   Kurath, H.: A Word Geography of the Eastern United States
38   Kurath, H.: The Linguistic Atlas of New England I-III
39   Kurath, H. & Sherman, M. K.: Middle English Dictionary
40   Lehnert, J.: Altenglisches Elementarbuch
41   Lehnert, J.: Poetry and Prose of the Anglo-Saxons I-II
42   Luick, K.: Historische Grammatik der Englischen Sprache
43   Marchand, H.: The Categories and Types of Present-Day English Word-Formation
44   Meech, S. B. & Whitehall, H.: Middle English Dialect Characteristics and Dialect Boundaries
45   Minkova, D.: The History of Final Vowels in English. Topics in English Linguistics 4
46   Mitchell, B.: Old English Syntax
47   Moore, S. & Knott, J. A.: The Elements of Old English
48   Mossé, F.: A Handbook of Middle English
49   Mossé, F.: Esquisse d'une historie de la langue anglaise
50   Mossé, F.: Manuel de l'anglais du Moyen-Age, des origines au XIV siecle I-II
51   Mustonaja, T.: A Middle English Syntax
52   Orton, H. & Halliday, W. J.: Survey of English Dialects I-II
53   Partridge, E.: Origins: A Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English
54   Patridge, E.: A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English from the 15th Century to the Present Day
55   Pei, M.: The Story of th Englisch Language
56   Pilch, H.: Altenglische Grammatik
57   Potter, S.: Our Language
58   Pyles, T.: The Origins and Development of the English Language
59   Quirk, R. & Wrenn, C. L.: An Old English Grammar
60   Reany, P. H.: A Dictionary of British Surnames
61   Schlauch, M.: The English Language in Modern Times (Since 1400)
62   Shakrai, O.: The ABC of English Historical Grammar. Phonetics and Morphology
63   Shipley, I. T.: Dictionary of Word Origins
64   Sievers, E. & Brunner, K.: Altenglische Grammatik
65   Skeat, W. W.: An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language
66   Skeat, W. W.: English Dialects from the 8th Century to the Present Day
67   Smith, A. H.: English Place-Name Elements I-II
68   Springer, O. (ed.): Langenscheidts Enzyklopädisches Wörterbuch der englischen und deutschen Sprache I-II
69   Stenton, F. M.: Introduction to the Study of English Place-Names
70   Stratmann, F. H.: A Middle English Dictionary
71   Sutherland, J.: The Oxford Book of English Talk
72   Sweet, H.: An Anglo-Saxon Reader
73   Visser, F. Th.: An Historical Syntax of the English Language I-II
74   Wadstein, E.: On the Origin of the English
75   Weekley, E.: Surnames
76   Weekley, E.: The English Language
77   Withycombe, E. G.: The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names
78   Wright, J.: The English Dialect Dictionary I-VI
79   Wright, J.: The English Dialect Grammar
80   Wright, J. & Wright, E. M.: An Elementary Old English Grammar
81   Wright, J. & Wright, E. M.: Old English Grammar
82   Wyatt, A. J.: An Anglo-Saxon Reader
83   Wyld, H. C.: A History of Modern Colloquial English
84   Zupitza, J. & Schipper, A.: Alt- und mittelenglisches Übungsbuch