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The Gothic language is extinct since the 16th century CE. The last speakers of Gothic were reported in the Crimea.

Gothic belongs to the eastern subbranch of the North Germanic languages. The Germanic languages form a top-level constituent... [more ...]

1   Codex Argenteus - From Ravenna to Uppsala - The wanderings of a Gothic manuscript from the early sixth century
2   Crimean Gothic Glossary
3   Database on the Gothic Language
4   Elements of Crimean Gothic Grammar
5   Glossary from Joseph Wright's Grammar of the Gothic Language
6   Gothic Language
7   Gothic Language Course
8   Gothic Pages
9   Gothic on the WWW
10   Gutrazda: The Gothish Tongue Website
11   Principle Features of Gothic
12   Principle Features of the Gothic Language
13   The Codex Argenteus Online
14   The Lord's Prayer in Gothic
15   The Lord's Prayer in Gothic
16   Verbix: Conjugate a Gothic Verb
17   What if they had survived: Gutiske Rajde
18   Who were Goths
19   Wright's Grammar of the Gothic Language (1910)
20   Wulfila Project: A Small Library Dedicated to the Study of the Gothic Language
21   Yamada Language Center: Gothic Fonts

1  East Germanic Dictionary

1   Höfler, O.: Die zweite Lautverschiebung bei Ostgermanen und Westgermanen