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1  Geographical Distribution of the Miao Languages

1   Fuller, Judith Wheaton: Topic And Comment In Hmong (Southeast Asia, China, Thailand, Vietnam)
2   Jaisser, A.C.: Complementation in Hmong
3   Jaisser, Annie & Ratliff, Martha: Hmong for beginners
4   Lang, Xiong & William J. Xiong & Nao Leng Xiong: English-Mong/Mong-English Dictionary
5   Locketz, L., Martin, R. and M. Yang: Hmong-English Phrasebook for Americans
6   Melton, J.B.: An Analysis of Hmong Noun Classifiers. Master’s Thesis
7   Olney, D.P.: A Bibliography of the Hmong (Miao)
8   Shimizu, M.: Shimizu Illustrated Dictionary: English-Hmong
9   Smalley, W.A.: Phonemes and Orthography: Language Planning in Ten Minority Languages of Thailand (Pacific Linguistic Series C, No. 43)
10   Smith, J.C.: The Hmong: 1987-1995: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography
11   Stolurow, L.M.: Primary Word Book: English-Hmong. 2nd Edition
12   Stolurow, L.M.: Primary Word Book: English-Hmong. 2nd Edition
13   Te, H.D.: English-Hmong Bilingual Glossary of School Terminology
14   Thao, C. (Translator and Adaptor): English-Hmong Phrasebook with Useful Wordlist
15   Thoj L.: English/Hmong Dictionary//Tsevlu Aikiv-Hmoob
16   Thowpaou Bliatout, Bruce et al.: Handbook for Teaching Hmong-Speaking Students
17   Wells, B.B.: The Effect of Speaking the Tonal Language Hmong on Kindergarten Children’s Singing Accuracy
18   Xiong, Jay: Lus Hmoob Txhais/Hmong Dictionary
19   Xiong, L. & Xiong, W.J. & N.L.Xiong, Comps, (eds.): English-Mong Dictionary