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The Saamic languages are spoken in an area, that runs from Dalarna county in southern central Sweden to the Kola peninsula in the Murmanskaya oblast in the extreme northwest of the Russian Federation.

The Saamic languages form a subgroup of... [more ...]

1   Aspects of the History of the Sami People in Northern Europe
2   Davvi Girji - Sámi Publishing House
3   Geographical Names: The Saami Languages in Norden
4   International Survey on Adult Education for Indigenous People - Country Study: Norway
5   Links to the Saami Resources
6   Norsk-Samisk Orddatabank (Norwegian-Saami Dictionary)
7   Northern Indigenous Peoples: The Sámi (Saami)
8   Oktavuohta - Digital Magazine on Sámiculture
9   Saami Council
10   Saami Grammar
11   Saami Languages
12   Saami Relevant Websites
13   Saamis or Lapps
14   SameNet - Sápmi Online
15   Sami Information or Related Sites
16   Sami Language Communities and the Conflict Between Sami And Norwegian
17   Sami Languages and Culture
18   Sami Radio
19   Sami in Sweden
20   Selective Bibliography on the Saami Languages
21   Ságat - Newspaper
22   Sámediggi - Sámi Parliament in Finland
23   Sámi Instituhtta (Nordic Saamic Institute)
24   Sámi Radio
25   Sámi Radio in Finland
26   Sámi Radio in Sweden
27   Sámi: Bibliographical Guide
28   Sámipress
29   The Demography of Indigenous Populations - Compiling a Saami Social Science Database
30   The Early Period of Sámi History, from the Beginnings to the16th Century
31   The Genetics of the Saami People and their Language
32   The Sami Homeland - Sami Languages and Culture
33   The Sami in Finland
34   The Sami of Norway
35   The Sámi
36   The Sámi of far Northern Europe
37   UNESCO Red Book on Endangered Languages: Europe
38   University of Lapland

1  Principal Sámi Dialects- A Map
2  Sámi Groups On A Map

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2   Collinder, B: Lappisches Wörterverzeichnis aus Härjedalen
3   Collinder, B.: The Lappish dialect of Jukkasjärvi. A morphological survey
4   Collinder, Björn: The Lapps
5   Fernandez, M.M. Jocelyne: Parlons Lapon. Les Sames, Langue et Culture
6   Gjessing, Guttom: The Changing Lapps
7   Greller, Wolfgang: Provision and Regulation of the Sami Languages
8   Hill, Rowland, editor: The Lapps Today in Finland, Norway and Sweden
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14   Mériot, Christian: Les Lapons
15   Nelson, D. & Manninen, S. (eds): Generative Approaches to Finnic and Saami Linguistics
16   Nickul, Karl: The Lappish Nation
17   Oosten, Jaric and Cornelius Remie (eds.): Arctic Identities. Continuity and change in Inuit and Saami societies
18   Sammallahti, P.: The Saami Languages - An Introduction
19   Samuli Aikio, Arild Gjerde and others: The Sami People
20   Schlachter W.: Geschichte und Sprachgeschichte: Betrachtet am Beispiel des Lappischen
21   Work, Lisa An: Epenthesis in Saami