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The Uralic language family consists of more than 30 living languages, which are spoken by more than 24.000.000 people. The language family is subdivided into two superordinate nodes: Finno-Ugric and Samoyedic. The Finno-Ugric branch has more than 99%... [more ...]

1   Lincom Euraopa Abstracts: Contact-induced Perspectives in Uralic Linguistics
2   Peter Chong's Ural Altaic Etymology Dictionary
3   Possible Language Shifts in the Uralic Language Group
4   Societas Uralo-Altaica (SUA)
5   Sociolinguistic Data on Minor Uralic Languages
6   The Endangered Uralic Peoples
7   The Uralic Peoples
8   University of Tartu - Division of Uralic Languages
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10   Uralic Family Home Page
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12   Uralic Languages
13   Uralic and Finn-Ugor Languages - Articles

1  Ethnic Minorities of North and Northwestern Russia
2  Geographical Distribution of the Uralic Languages
3  Map of Uralic Groups
4  Percentage of Mother-Tongue Speakers among Uralic Peoples in 1959-1989 in the Soviet Union
5  Uralic Language Family Tree
6  Uralic Language Family Tree with Numbers
7  Uralic Language Tree

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