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Branches: ATTIC, DORIC

Greek is spoken by more than 12.000.000 people. The speakers mainly live in Greece and the southern part of Cyprus. Significant Greek communities also live in Albania, Italy, Egypt, Romania, Ukraine and in Istanbul. Before 1923, there were Greek communities... [more ...]

1   Center for the Greek language
2   Greek Language and Linguistics
3   The Greek Language

1   Bodoh, John J.: An index of Greek verb forms
2   Buck, C: A reverse Index of Greek nouns&adjectives
3   Buck, Carl Darling: The Greek dialects
4   Dover, Kenneth J.: Greek word order
5   Holton, David / Mackridge, Peter / Philippaki-Warburton, Irene: Greek. A comprehensive grammar of the modern language
6   Horrocks, Geoffrey : Greek
7   Householder, Fred W.: Greek
8   Joseph, Brian D. / Philippaki-Warburton, Irene: Modern Greek
9   Liddell, Henry George: A Greek-English lexicon
10   Mackridge, Peter: The modern Greek language
11   Mandelaras, Basileios G.: Studies in the Greek language
12   Merlingen, Weriand : Kretische Sprachreste im Griechischen
13   Nagy, Gregory: Greek dialects
14   Nussbaum, Alan J.: Two studies in Greek and Homeric linguists
15   Palmer, Leonard R.: The Greek language
16   Seaman, P. David: Modern Greek and American English in Contact
17   Sotiropoulos, Dimitri : Noun morphology of modern Demotic Greek: a descriptive analysis
18   Strömberg, Reinhold: Greek prefix studies:on the use of adjective particles
19   Strömberg, Reinhold: Greek proverbs
20   Thomson, George : The Greek language
21   Veitch, William: Greek verbs, irregular and defective: their forms, meaning and quantity