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Luxembourgeois is spoken by a little less than 400.000 people. The majority of the speakers live in Luxemburg.

Luxembourgeois belongs to the Moselle Franconian subdivision of the West Middle German dialect group of German. German belongs to the Western branch of the Germanic languages. It is closely related to English, Dutch and Frisian. The Germanic languages form a top-level constituent of the Indo-European language family.

Speakers of Luxembourgeois are mostly bilingual in French and German. French and Standard German are official languages. Official document are often in French or German.

Luxembourgeois is the national language of Luxemburg. There is a modest amount of Luxembourgeois literature. Luxembourgeois is used in Newspapers, Radio and Television.

Luxemborgeois is not intelligible with German.

The Luxembourgeois lexicon is heavily influenced by French, whereas syntax and phraseology are basically German.

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