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Long name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Alpha two code: GB   Alpha three code: GBR   Numeric code: 826
Languages: ANGLOROMANI [Details], BENGALI [Details], CORNISH [Details], EASTERN PANJABI [Details], ENGLISH [Details], ESTONIAN [Details], GUJARATI [Details], HAKKA CHINESE [Details], HEBREW [Details], HINDI [Details], IRISH GAELIC [Details], JUDEO IRAQI ARABIC [Details], KASHMIRI [Details], LATVIAN [Details], LITHUANIAN [Details], MALAYALAM [Details], MANDARIN CHINESE [Details], MANX [Details], MIRPUR PANJABI [Details], NORN [Details], PARSI [Details], POTAWATOMI [Details], SARAIKI [Details], SCOTS [Details], SCOTS GAELIC [Details], SHELTA [Details], SINDHI [Details], SYLHETTI [Details], TAMIL [Details], VIETNAMESE [Details], WELSH [Details], WESTERN PANJABI [Details], YINGLISH [Details], YUE CHINESE [Details]
Remark: # Includes the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man
Subdivisions: England: 34 counties, 33 London boroughs, 36 metropolitan authorities, 1 special area; Northern Ireland: 26 district council areas; Scotland: 32 council areas; Wales: 22 unitary authorities (each with official names in English and Welsh); Channel Islands: Guernsey, Jersey; Isle of Man
Channel Islands, England, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales [Cymru]

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