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Alpha two code: TM   Alpha three code: TKM   Numeric code: 795
Languages: ARMENIAN [Details], BASHKIR [Details], BELARUSAN [Details], BRAHUI [Details], CHAGATAI [Details], DARGWA [Details], DUNGAN [Details], ERZYA [Details], GEORGIAN [Details], KARAKALPAK [Details], LAK [Details], LEZGI [Details], LITHUANIAN [Details], NORTH AZERBAIJANI [Details], NORTHERN UZBEK [Details], OSETIN [Details], RUSSIAN [Details], TABASSARAN [Details], TAJIKI [Details], TATAR [Details], TURKMEN [Details], UDI [Details], WESTERN BALOCHI [Details]
Subdivisions: 5 regions (welaÿat [tk])
Ahal, Balkan, Daşhowuz, Lebap, Mary
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1  National Anthem
2  Turkmenistan
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1   : Turkmenistan (Let's Visit Series)
2   Blackwell, Carole : Tradition and Society in Turkmenistan: Gender, Oral Culture and Song
3   Frank, Allen: Turkmen Reader
4   Hall, Rachel A. (ed.): Turkmenistan
5   Landau, Jacob M.; Kellner-Heinkele, Barbara: Politics of Language in the Ex-Soviet Muslim States: Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan
6   Mackie, Louise W.; Thompson, Jon (eds.): Turkmen: Tribal Carpets and Traditions
7   Maslow, Johnathan: Sacred Horses: The Memoirs of a Turkmen Cowboy
8   Pool, Jonathan: Some Observations on Language Planning in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan
9   USA International Business Publications: Turkmenistan Country Study Guide (World Country Study9