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Long name: Kingdom of Nepal
Alpha two code: NP   Alpha three code: NPL   Numeric code: 524
Languages: ATHPARIYA [Details], AWADHI [Details], BAGHELI [Details], BAHING [Details], BANTAWA [Details], BARAAMU [Details], BARAGAUNLE [Details], BELHARIYA [Details], BENGALI [Details], BHOJPURI [Details], BODO [Details], BOTE-MAJHI [Details], BUJHYAL [Details], BYANGSI [Details], CAMLING [Details], CHANTYAL [Details], CHAUDANGSI [Details], CHEPANG [Details], CHHINTANG [Details], CHHULUNG [Details], CHITWANIA THARU [Details], CHOURASE [Details], CHUKWA [Details], DANGAURA THARU [Details], DEOKHURI THARU [Details], DHIMAL [Details], DOLPO [Details], DUMI [Details], DUNGMALI [Details], DZONGKHA [Details], EASTERN GORKHA TAMANG [Details], EASTERN GURUNG [Details], EASTERN MAGAR [Details], EASTERN MEOHANG [Details], EASTERN TAMANG [Details], GAMALE KHAM [Details], HELAMBU SHERPA [Details], HINDI [Details], HUMLA BHOTIA [Details], JERUNG [Details], JIREL [Details], KAGATE [Details], KAIKE [Details], KATHORIYA THARU [Details], KAYORT [Details], KHALING [Details], KOCHILA THARU [Details], KOI [Details], KULUNG [Details], KUSANDA [Details], KUSUNDA [Details], KUTANG GHALE [Details], KYERUNG [Details], LAMBICHHONG [Details], LEPCHA [Details], LHOMI [Details], LIMBU [Details], LINGKHIM [Details], LOPA [Details], LUMBA-YAKKHA [Details], MAHOTARI THARU [Details], MAIKOTI KHAM [Details], MAITHILI [Details], MAJHI [Details], MANANGBA [Details], MARWARI [Details], MUGU [Details], MUNDARI [Details], MUSASA [Details], NAAPA [Details], NACHERING [Details], NAR PHU [Details], NEPALI [Details], NEPALI KURUX [Details], NEWARI [Details], NISI KHAM [Details], NORTHERN GHALE [Details], NORTHERN LORUNG [Details], NORTHWESTERN TAMANG [Details], NUBRI [Details], PALPA [Details], PANCHGAUNLE [Details], PHANGDUWALI [Details], PONGYONG [Details], PUMA [Details], RAJBANGSI [Details], RAJI [Details], RANA THARU [Details], RANGKAS [Details], RAUTE [Details], RAWAT [Details], SAAM [Details], SAMPANG [Details], SANTALI [Details], SHERPA [Details], SHESHI KHAM [Details], SONHA [Details], SOUTHERN GHALE [Details], SOUTHERN LORUNG [Details], SOUTHWESTERN TAMANG [Details], SUNWAR [Details], TAKALE KHAM [Details], THAKALI [Details], THAMI [Details], THUDAM BHOTE [Details], THULUNG [Details], TIBETAN [Details], TICHURONG [Details], TILUNG [Details], TSEKU [Details], TSUM [Details], URDU [Details], WALING [Details], WALUNGGE [Details], WAYU [Details], WESTERN GURUNG [Details], WESTERN MAGAR [Details], WESTERN MEOHANG [Details], WESTERN TAMANG [Details], YAKHA [Details], YAMPHE [Details], YAMPHU [Details]
Subdivisions: 5 development regions (vikas kshetra [ne])
Madhyamanchal, Madhya Pashchimanchal, Pashchimanchal, Purwanchal, Sudur Pashchimanchal
Romanization system: Nepali BGN/PCGN 1964
1   Ethnic Demography of Nepal
2   Language, Religion, and Society in Indian Neighborhood: Nepal
3   Languages spoken in Nepal
4   Sprachen und Bevölkerungsschichten in Nepal

1  Language Policy, Modernist Ambivalence and Social Exclusion: A Case Study of Rupendehi District in Nepal’s Tarai
2  Minority Language Politics in Nepal and the Himalayas
3  Nepal National Ethnographic Museum
4  Peoples among the Bhotia - The Himalayas, Nepal
5  Recent language contact in the Nepal Himalaya

1   Hale, A., ed.: Clause, Sentence, and Discourse Patterns in Selected Languages of Nepal, Parts I-IV