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Alpha two code: AU   Alpha three code: AUS   Numeric code: 036
Languages: ADYNYAMATHANHA [Details], AFRIKAANS [Details], AGHU THARNGGALU [Details], AGWAMIN [Details], ALAWA [Details], ALNGITH [Details], ALYAWARR [Details], AMARAG [Details], AMARAG [Details], AMI [Details], ANDEGEREBINHA [Details], ANGLOROMANI [Details], ANINDILYAKWA [Details], ANMATYERRE [Details], ANTAKARINYA [Details], ARABANA [Details], AREBA [Details], ATAMPAYA [Details], AWABAKAL [Details], AYABADHU [Details], BAADI [Details], BADIMAYA [Details], BANDJALANG [Details], BANDJIGALI [Details], BANGGARLA [Details], BARROW POINT [Details], BAYALI [Details], BAYUNGU [Details], BIDYARA [Details], BIRI [Details], BUNABA [Details], BURARRA [Details], BURDUNA [Details], COCOS ISLANDS MALAY [Details], DARLING [Details], DAYI [Details], DHALANDJI [Details], DHANGU [Details], DHARGARI [Details], DHURGA [Details], DHUWAL [Details], DIERI [Details], DIRARI [Details], DJAMBARRPUYNGU [Details], DJAMINDJUNG [Details], DJANGUN [Details], DJAUAN [Details], DJAWI [Details], DJEEBBANA [Details], DJINANG [Details], DJINBA [Details], DJINGILI [Details], DJIWARLI [Details], DUTCH [Details], DYAABUGAY [Details], DYABERDYABER [Details], DYANGADI [Details], DYIRBAL [Details], DYUGUN [Details], EASTERN ARANTA [Details], EASTERN YIDDISH [Details], ERRE [Details], ESTONIAN [Details], FIJIAN HINDUSTANI [Details], FLINDERS ISLAND [Details], GADJERAWANG [Details], GAGADU [Details], GAMBERA [Details], GANGGALIDA [Details], GANGULU [Details], GARAWA [Details], GAYARDILT [Details], GIYUG [Details], GOONIYANDI [Details], GUGADJ [Details], GUGU BADHUN [Details], GUGU WARRA [Details], GUGUBERA [Details], GUGUYIMIDJIR [Details], GUMATJ [Details], GUNGABULA [Details], GUNWINGGU [Details], GUNYA [Details], GUPAPUYNGU [Details], GURAGONE [Details], GURDJAR [Details], GURENG GURENG [Details], GURINJI [Details], GUWAMU [Details], HEBREW [Details], HUNGARIAN [Details], IWAIDJA [Details], JARNANGO [Details], JARU [Details], KALA LAGAW YA [Details], KALARKO [Details], KALKUTUNG [Details], KAMILAROI [Details], KAMU [Details], KANJU [Details], KARADJERI [Details], KARIYARRA [Details], KAYTETYE [Details], KITJA [Details], KOKATA [Details], KUKATJA [Details], KUKU-MANGK [Details], KUKU-MUMINH [Details], KUKU-MU´INH [Details], KUKU-UGBANH [Details], KUKU-UWANH [Details], KUKU-YALANJI [Details], KUMBAINGGAR [Details], KUMBARLANG [Details], KUNGARAKANY [Details], KUNGGARA [Details], KUNGGARI [Details], KUNJEN [Details], KURRAMA [Details], KUTHANT [Details], KUUKU-YA´U [Details], KUWAMA [Details], KWINI [Details], LAMU-LAMU [Details], LARAGIA [Details], LARDIL [Details], LATVIAN [Details], LENINGITIJ [Details], LIMILNGAN [Details], LITHUANIAN [Details], MADNGELE [Details], MAGADIGE [Details], MALGANA [Details], MANDA [Details], MANDANDANYI [Details], MANGALA [Details], MANGARAYI [Details], MANGERR [Details], MARA [Details], MARANUNGGU [Details], MARGANY [Details], MARGU [Details], MARIDAN [Details], MARIDJABIN [Details], MARIMANINDJI [Details], MARINGARR [Details], MARITHIEL [Details], MARIYEDI [Details], MARTU WANGKA [Details], MARTUYHUNIRA [Details], MAUNG [Details], MAYAGUDUNA [Details], MAYKULAN [Details], MBARA [Details], MBARIMAN-GUDHINMA [Details], MIRIWUNG [Details], MIWA [Details], MUDBURA [Details], MULLUKMULLUK [Details], MULURIDYI [Details], MURRINH-PATHA [Details], MURUWARI [Details], NAKARA [Details], NANGIKURRUNGGURR [Details], NARINYERI [Details], NARUNGGA [Details], NGAANYATJARRA [Details], NGADJUNMAYA [Details], NGALAKAN [Details], NGALKBUN [Details], NGAMINI [Details], NGANDI [Details], NGANYAYWANA [Details], NGARINMAN [Details], NGARINYIN [Details], NGARLA [Details], NGARLUMA [Details], NGARNDJI [Details], NGAWUN [Details], NGURA [Details], NGURMBUR [Details], NHUWALA [Details], NIJADALI [Details], NIMANBUR [Details], NORTHERN UZBEK [Details], NUGUNU [Details], NUNGALI [Details], NUNGGUBUYU [Details], NYAMAL [Details], NYANGGA [Details], NYANGUMARTA [Details], NYAWAYGI [Details], NYIGINA [Details], NYULNYUL [Details], NYUNGA [Details], PAKANHA [Details], PANYTYIMA [Details], PINI [Details], PINIGURA [Details], PINTIINI [Details], PINTUPI-LURITJA [Details], PIRLATAPA [Details], PITJANTJATJARA [Details], PITTA PITTA [Details], PUKAPUKA [Details], REMBARUNGA [Details], RITARUNGO [Details], SLOVENIAN [Details], THAYORE [Details], THAYPAN [Details], THURAWAL [Details], TIWI [Details], TJURRURU [Details], TURKISH [Details], TYARAITY [Details], UMBINDHAMU [Details], UMBUGARLA [Details], UMBUYGAMU [Details], UMPILA [Details], URADHI [Details], URNINGANGG [Details], UYGHUR [Details], VIETNAMESE [Details], WADJIGINY [Details], WADJIGU [Details], WAGAYA [Details], WAGEMAN [Details], WAJARRI [Details], WAKAWAKA [Details], WALMAJARRI [Details], WAMBAYA [Details], WAMIN [Details], WANDARANG [Details], WANGAAYBUWAN-NGIYAMBAA [Details], WANGGANGURU [Details], WANMAN [Details], WARAY [Details], WARDAMAN [Details], WARIYANGGA [Details], WARLMANPA [Details], WARLPIRI [Details], WARLUWARA [Details], WARRGAMAY [Details], WARUMUNGU [Details], WARUNGU [Details], WESTERN ARANTA [Details], WIK-EPA [Details], WIK-IIYANH [Details], WIK-KEYANGAN [Details], WIK-ME´ANHA [Details], WIK-MUNGKAN [Details], WIK-NGATHANA [Details], WIKALKAN [Details], WIKNGENCHERA [Details], WILAWILA [Details], WIRADHURI [Details], WIRANGU [Details], WORIMI [Details], WORORA [Details], WULIWULI [Details], WULNA [Details], WUNAMBAL [Details], YALARNNGA [Details], YANDRUWANDHA [Details], YANGMAN [Details], YANKUNYTJATJARA [Details], YANYUWA [Details], YAWARAWARGA [Details], YAWURU [Details], YEIDJI [Details], YIDINY [Details], YINDJIBARNDI [Details], YINGGARDA [Details], YIR YORONT [Details], YORA [Details], YUE CHINESE [Details], YUGAMBAL [Details]
Remark: # Includes Lord Howe Island, Macquarie Island. Ashmore and Cartier Islands, and Coral Sea Islands are Australian external territories
Subdivisions: 6 states, 2 territories
New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory

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