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Long name: Republic of India
Alpha two code: IN   Alpha three code: IND   Numeric code: 356
Languages: A'TONG [Details], A-PUCIKWAR [Details], ABUJMARIA [Details], ADI [Details], ADIVASI ORIYA [Details], ADIWASI GARASIA [Details], AGARIYA [Details], AHIRANI [Details], AHOM [Details], AIMOL [Details], AITON [Details], AKA-BEA [Details], AKA-BO [Details], AKA-CARI [Details], AKA-JERU [Details], AKA-KEDE [Details], AKA-KOL [Details], AKA-KORA [Details], AKAR-BALE [Details], ALLAR [Details], ALU KURUMBA [Details], AMWI [Details], ANAL [Details], ANGAMI NAGA [Details], ANGAMI NAGA [Details], ANGAMI NAGA [Details], ANGIKA [Details], AO NAGA [Details], APATANI [Details], APATANI [Details], ARAKANESE [Details], ARANADAN [Details], ARE [Details], ARMENIAN [Details], ASSAMESE [Details], ASURI [Details], AWADHI [Details], BADAGA [Details], BAGHELI [Details], BAGRI [Details], BALTI [Details], BARELI [Details], BATERI [Details], BAURIA [Details], BAWM CHIN [Details], BAZIGAR [Details], BELLARI [Details], BENGALI [Details], BETTA KURUMBA [Details], BHADRAWAHI [Details], BHALAY [Details], BHARIA [Details], BHATRI [Details], BHATTIYALI [Details], BHATTIYALI [Details], BHILALI [Details], BHILI [Details], BHILORI [Details], BHOJPURI [Details], BHOTI KINNAURI [Details], BHUNJIA [Details], BIETE [Details], BIJORI [Details], BILASPURI [Details], BILASPURI [Details], BIRHOR [Details], BISHNUPRIYA [Details], BODO [Details], BODO GATABA [Details], BODO PARJA [Details], BONDO [Details], BRAJ BHASHA [Details], BROKSKAT [Details], BUKSA [Details], BUNDELI [Details], BYANGSI [Details], CAR NICOBARESE [Details], CENTRAL NICOBARESE [Details], CHAKMA [Details], CHAMARI [Details], CHAMBEALI [Details], CHANG NAGA [Details], CHANGTHANG [Details], CHAUDANGSI [Details], CHAURA [Details], CHENCHU [Details], CHHATTISGARHI [Details], CHIRU [Details], CHITWANIA THARU [Details], CHODRI [Details], CHOKRI NAGA [Details], CHOTHE NAGA [Details], CHURAHI [Details], DANDAMI MARIA [Details], DANGAURA THARU [Details], DARLONG [Details], DARMIYA [Details], DECCAN [Details], DEGARU [Details], DEORI [Details], DEORI [Details], DHANKI [Details], DHANWAR [Details], DHODIA [Details], DIGARO [Details], DIMASA [Details], DOGRI-KANGRI [Details], DOMARI [Details], DUBLI [Details], DUNGRA BHIL [Details], DURUWA [Details], EASTERN BALOCHI [Details], EASTERN MAGAR [Details], EASTERN MURIA [Details], EASTERN PANJABI [Details], EASTERN TAMANG [Details], FALAM CHIN [Details], FAR WESTERN MURIA [Details], GADABA, OLLAR, POTTANGI [Details], GADABA, OLLAR, SALUR [Details], GADDI [Details], GADE LOHAR [Details], GAHRI [Details], GAMIT [Details], GANGTE [Details], GARHWALI [Details], GARO [Details], GATA┬┤ [Details], GEMAN DENG [Details], GOANESE KONKANI [Details], GOWLAN [Details], GOWLI [Details], GROMA [Details], GUJARATI [Details], GUJARI [Details], HAJONG [Details], HAKA CHIN [Details], HALBI [Details], HARAUTI [Details], HARIJAN KINNAURI [Details], HARYANVI [Details], HINDI [Details], HINDURI [Details], HMAR [Details], HMAR [Details], HMAR [Details], HO [Details], HOLIYA [Details], HRANGKHOL [Details], HRUSO [Details], IDU [Details], IKRANI [Details], IRULA [Details], JANGSHUNG [Details], JARAWA [Details], JAUNSARI [Details], JENNU KURUMBA [Details], JUANG [Details], JUDEO IRAQI ARABIC [Details], JURAY [Details], KACHARI [Details], KACHCHI [Details], KACHI KOLI [Details], KADAR [Details], KAIKADI [Details], KAMAR [Details], KANASHI [Details], KANAUJI [Details], KANIKKARAN [Details], KANNADA [Details], KASHMIRI [Details], KATHORIYA THARU [Details], KATKARI [Details], KHAMTI [Details], KHANDESI [Details], KHARIA [Details], KHARIA THAR [Details], KHASI [Details], KHEZHA NAGA [Details], KHIAMNIUNGAN NAGA [Details], KHIRWAR [Details], KHOIBU MARING NAGA [Details], KHOIRAO NAGA [Details], KHUMI CHIN [Details], KINNAURI [Details], KOCH [Details], KOCHILA THARU [Details], KODAGU [Details], KOK BOROK [Details], KOM [Details], KONDA-DORA [Details], KONKANI [Details], KONYAK NAGA [Details], KORAKU [Details], KORKU [Details], KORRA KORAGA [Details], KORWA [Details], KOTA [Details], KOYA [Details], KUDIYA [Details], KUDMALI [Details], KUI [Details], KUKNA [Details], KULLU PAHARI [Details], KULUNG [Details], KULUNG [Details], KUMARBHAG PAHARIA [Details], KUMAUNI [Details], KUPIA [Details], KURICHIYA [Details], KURUX [Details], KUVI [Details], LADAKHI [Details], LALUNG [Details], LAMBADI [Details], LAMKANG [Details], LEPCHA [Details], LHOMI [Details], LHOMI [Details], LIANGMAI NAGA [Details], LIMBU [Details], LISU [Details], LOARKI [Details], LODHI [Details], LOTHA NAGA [Details], LUSHAI [Details], MAGAHI [Details], MAHALI [Details], MAHASU PAHARI [Details], MAITHILI [Details], MAJHI [Details], MAL PAHARIA [Details], MALANKURAVAN [Details], MALAPANDARAM [Details], MALARYAN [Details], MALAVEDAN [Details], MALAYALAM [Details], MALDIVIAN [Details], MALVI [Details], MANDA [Details], MANDEALI [Details], MANGELAS [Details], MANNA-DORA [Details], MANNAN [Details], MAO NAGA [Details], MARA CHIN [Details], MARAM NAGA [Details], MARAM NAGA [Details], MARATHI [Details], MARIA [Details], MARING NAGA [Details], MARWARI [Details], MAWCHI [Details], MEITHEI [Details], MELURI NAGA [Details], MEMBA [Details], MEWARI [Details], MIAMI [Details], MIJU [Details], MIKIR [Details], MIKIR [Details], MIKIR [Details], MIKIR [Details], MIRGAN [Details], MIRI [Details], MIRPUR PANJABI [Details], MOINBA [Details], MONSANG NAGA [Details], MOYON NAGA [Details], MRU [Details], MUDU KORAGA [Details], MULLU KURUMBA [Details], MUNDARI [Details], MUTHUVAN [Details], MZIEME NAGA [Details], NAGARCHAL [Details], NAHARI [Details], NEPALI [Details], NEWARI [Details], NIMADI [Details], NISI [Details], NOCTE NAGA [Details], NORTHERN GONDI [Details], NORTHWESTERN KOLAMI [Details], NTENYI NAGA [Details], NUKA-DORA [Details], OKO-JUWOI [Details], ORIYA [Details], PAITE CHIN [Details], PALIYAN [Details], PANCHPARGANIA [Details], PANGWALI [Details], PANIYA [Details], PANKHU [Details], PAO [Details], PARDHAN [Details], PARDHI [Details], PARENGA [Details], PARSI [Details], PATTANI [Details], PENGO [Details], PHAKE [Details], PHOM NAGA [Details], PHUDAGI [Details], PNAR [Details], POCHURI NAGA [Details], PURIK [Details], RABHA [Details], RAJBANGSI [Details], RAJPUT GARASIA [Details], RALTE [Details], RANA THARU [Details], RANGKAS [Details], RATHAWI [Details], RAVULA [Details], RAWANG [Details], RAWAT [Details], RELI [Details], RENGMA NAGA [Details], RENGMA NAGA [Details], RENGMA NAGA [Details], RIANG [Details], RONGMEI NAGA [Details], RONGMEI NAGA [Details], RONGMEI NAGA [Details], RUGA [Details], RUSSIAN [Details], SADRI [Details], SAJALONG [Details], SAMVEDI [Details], SANGTAM NAGA [Details], SANSKRIT [Details], SANTALI [Details], SARAIKI [Details], SAURASHTRA [Details], SAURIA PAHARIA [Details], SAVARA [Details], SENTINEL [Details], SHENDU [Details], SHERDUKPEN [Details], SHERPA [Details], SHINA [Details], SHOLAGA [Details], SHOM PENG [Details], SHUMCHO [Details], SIKKIMESE [Details], SIKKIMESE [Details], SIMTE [Details], SINDHI [Details], SINGPHO [Details], SIRMAURI [Details], SORA [Details], SOUTHEASTERN KOLAMI [Details], SOUTHERN GONDI [Details], SOUTHERN NICOBARESE [Details], STOD BHOTI [Details], SULUNG [Details], SUMI NAGA [Details], SUMI NAGA [Details], SUNAM [Details], SURAJPURI [Details], TAMIL [Details], TANGKHUL NAGA [Details], TARAO NAGA [Details], TASE NAGA [Details], TEDIM CHIN [Details], TEHRI [Details], TELUGU [Details], TERESSA [Details], THADO CHIN [Details], THAMI [Details], THULUNG [Details], TIBETAN [Details], TINANI [Details], TODA [Details], TSHANGLA [Details], TUKPA [Details], TULU [Details], TURI [Details], ULLATAN [Details], URALI [Details], URDU [Details], UYGHUR [Details], VAIPHEI [Details], VARHADI-NAGPURI [Details], VARLI [Details], VASAVI [Details], VISHAVAN [Details], WADDAR [Details], WADIYARA KOLI [Details], WAGDI [Details], WALUNGGE [Details], WANCHO NAGA [Details], WESTERN GURUNG [Details], WESTERN MURIA [Details], WESTERN PANJABI [Details], YAKHA [Details], YERUKULA [Details], YIMCHUNGRU NAGA [Details], ZAKHRING [Details], ZANGSKARI [Details], ZEME NAGA [Details], ZEME NAGA [Details], ZEME NAGA [Details], ZOME [Details], ZYPHE [Details], ├ľNGE [Details]
Remark: # Includes Amindivi Islands, Andaman Islands, Laccadive Islands, Minicoy Island, Nicobar Islands
Subdivisions: 25 states, 7 Union territories
Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Delhi, Lakshadweep, Pondicherry
1   CIIL - Central Institute for Indian Languages
2   India: States and Union Territories
3   Language in India
4   Languages in India
5   Languages in India
6   Languages of India
7   Languages of India
8   Linguistic Diversity and Literacy in India
9   Production of Literacy Materials in Minor Languages

1  Indian Multilingualism, Language Policy and the Digital Divide
2  Map of Some Indian Languages
3  Minority Matters: Issues in Minority Languages in India

1   Abbi, Anvita: Languages of Tribal and Indigenous Peoples of India : The Ethnic Space
2   Chaklader, S.: Linguistic Minority as a Cohesive Force in Indian Federal Process
3   Dalton, Edward T.: Tribal History of Eastern India
4   Goswami, B. B.and C. Nunthra and N.N. Sengupta: People of India, Volume XXXIII : Mizoram
5   Khubchandani, L.: Plural Languages, Plural Cultures: Communication, Identity, and Sociological Change in Contemporary India
6   Razz, M. & Ahmed, A.: An Atlas of Tribal India
7   Singh,K.S. et al. (eds.): People of India, Volume XXXIV : Nagaland
8   Srivastav, R. N.: Problems of Monophonemetics in Languages of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Ceylon
9   Wadhwa, K. K.: Minority Safeguards in India