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Cäwäl, Ya: Mongol Xälniï Towq Taïlbar Tol'
Author: Cäwäl, Ya
Title: Mongol Xälniï Towq Taïlbar Tol'
Year: 1966
Place of publication: Ulaanbaatar
Remark: This Mongolian-Mongolian dictionary has been out of print for a while but it can be considered the only Mongolian reference on contemporary Cyrillic Mongolian. It features about 30,000 entries and gives equivalents in Classical script. My only objection to it is that it does not have an index to the Classical forms. The vocabulary is explained exhaustively. Some definitions need slight corrections (the socio-political approach to compiling dictionary definitions has changed slightly with time) but this should not be an obstacle to the serious student of the Mongolian language. Cäwäl's son, C. Shagdarsürän, has finished preparing a new edition of this dictionary at the moment (August 1996) but it is not clear when this will appear. (by Oliver Corff)