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: Mongolian, Tungus, Japanese and Korean languages
Title: Mongolian, Tungus, Japanese and Korean languages
Remark: This book is a part of a multivolume encyclopaedia “Languages of the World” (the Eurasian Series), which is currently being prepared at the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The series was opened by the previously published volume on the Uralic languages. The present volume describes old and modern languages of the Mongolian and Tungus linguistic families, as well as the Japanese and the Korean languages. All articles are written in accordance with a standard typologically-oriented template used in all volumes of the encyclopaedia. This template imposes sociolinguistic, diachronic and synchronic structural characterizations upon individual languages. The articles are written by the leading Russian scholars in particular fields. The book is intended both as a fundamental study and as a reference source. It is addressed to a broad audience, including linguists, historians, cultural anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, lawyers and everyone interested in language problems.