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Sakayan, Dora: Armenian Proverbs: A Paremiological Study
Author: Sakayan, Dora
Title: Armenian Proverbs: A Paremiological Study
Year: 1995
Publisher: Caravan Books
Place of publication: Delmar, New York
Remark: With an Anthology of 2,500 Armenian Folk Sayings. Selected and Translated into English. pp. 525. Abstract from The book starts with an introductory study dealing with a variety of paremiological discussions such as the linguistic features of Armenian proverbs, their content and their origin. Attempts are made to not only find in Armenian proverbs similarities with ┬╗ounterparts in close and distant cultures, but also to identify those traits which make Armenian proverbs stand out against proverbial units of other origin and, at the same time, to make those distinctive traits accessible to the English-speaking reader. The introductory part is followed by an Anthology, consisting of 12 thematically distinct chapters, each of them organized by sub-themes. For instance, the first chapter "Human Relations and the Power of Language" contains 17 sub groups of proverbs focusing on the complexities of human conduct with respect to friends and enemies, guests, neighbors and strangers, as well as on the use of language as a tool and/or weapon in these relationships.