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Clackson, James: The Linguistic Relationship Between Armenian and Greek
Author: Clackson, James
Title: The Linguistic Relationship Between Armenian and Greek
Remark: This work examines the evidence for a special relationship between Greek and Armenian within the Indo-European family. It contains studies of the methods used to assess interrelationships within language families; the comparative reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European; the interpretation of Greek and Armenian texts; and the developments of the Greek and Armenian languages. The first chapter of the work outlines the existing methods employed for assessing the relationships between languages in the same genetic family, and sets forward the principles on which such investigations should proceed. The following chapters examine specific agreements between Greek and Armenian, and assess their significance for the relationship between the two languages, concluding with a large-scale comparison of lexical agreements between the two languages and other Indo-European languages. The linguistic material and arguments presented support the conclusion that there is no "special" relationship between the two languages. Contents: 1. The Methods of Relating Languages in the Same Family. 2. Phonological Agreements Between Greek and Armenian. 3. Possible Morphological Innovations Shared by Greek and Armenian. 4. Unique Armenian-Greek Lexical Correspondences. 5. The Relationship Between the Armenian and Greek Vocabularies