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Dorn, Bernhard: A Pashto Newspaper Reader
Author: Dorn, Bernhard
Title: A Pashto Newspaper Reader
Year: 1984
Publisher: Dunwoody Press
Place of publication: Kensington, Maryland
Remark: Abstract: Provides intermediate Pushto learners with a sampling of newspaper selections on a variety of topics including political, social and civic subjects, supported by appropriate lexical and grammatical aids. Guides students through fifty-one increasingly complex and lengthy Pushto newspaper articles (from the 'Hewad Daily' and the 'Islah Daily') selected to expose students to the complexities of formal journalistic style and to facilitate increased comprehension. Consists of four parts. Part one is fifty-one articles retyped in a form emphasizing word boundaries. Provides grammatical notes with few examples, and English glosses of new words (with transliteration and parts of speech), at the end of each selection. Part two consists of phonetic transliteration of all articles based on Eastern (Kabul or Central) dialect. No explanation of transliteration is given. Part three is a reproduction of the original Pushto articles with all problem areas and ambiguities of word boundaries. Part four contains an English translation of each article.