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Khaliq, Q. A.: Pashto Basic Course: Workbook, Units 1-7
Author: Khaliq, Q. A.
Title: Pashto Basic Course: Workbook, Units 1-7
Year: 1986
Publisher: Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center
Place of publication: Monterey, California
Remark: The workbook for a course in basic Pushto, designed to accompany a textbook and other materials, contains notes and exercises for students to use after class sessions. It provides background information, study hints, and activities for reviewing new and previously learned information. The course consists of seven units, each containing five lessons. Each workbook lesson includes a lesson overview, cultural notes, notes on Pushto words and word use, new vocabulary, exercises, and a key to the exercises. Some lessons also include grammar notes. Some of the exercises have accompanying tapes. Lesson topics include information on the Pashtuns, classroom communication and behavior, greetings, telephone use, visiting someone's house, giving personal information, conversation skills, giving and getting directions, discussing everyday life, the seasons, days and times, prayer times, and the family.