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Raverty, H. G.: A Grammar of the Puk'hto, Pus'hto, or Language of the Afghans
Author: Raverty, H. G.
Title: A Grammar of the Puk'hto, Pus'hto, or Language of the Afghans
Year: 1987
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
Place of publication: New Delhi, India
Remark: Originally Published: 1860 Abstract: Describes the grammar of Pushto. Provides a thirty-five page introduction that discusses theories of the 1850's on the origins of the Pashtuns and the Pushto language and that introduces the authors whose Pushto works are used to illustrate the grammar in the main body of the text. Introduces the Pushto alphabet in chapter one, which provides a chart illustrating the various forms of each letter depending on its position, its name with transliteration, the roman equivalent and examples of the sounds in English. Also includes background notes and comments on irregularities in orthography the student may encounter in literary texts. Covers the parts of speech in chapters three to seven, including nouns, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, particles. Deals with lexical derivations in chapter eight, while the last two chapters are on numerals and syntax. Presents rules of the grammar in a numbered list fashion. Discusses grammar in English, and presents forms and examples in Pushto script that is then translated. Contains examples from authentic literary texts--both prose and poetry--illustrating grammar points. Cites authors, though no reference to the work, after examples. Presents other material in conjugation tables. Includes two appendixes: a Pushto translation from the Articles of War; and three tales in Pushto and English. Accompanies textbook entitled Gulshan-i-roh. Accompanying Pushto-English dictionary is also available which provides word class information and pr