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Tegey, Habibullah & Robson, Barbara: Pashto Reader Originals
Author: Tegey, Habibullah & Robson, Barbara
Title: Pashto Reader Originals
Year: 1992
Remark: Abstract: The "Pashto Reader Originals" is one component of the "Pashto Reader", a set of materials designed to enable the student of Pashto to read modern written Pashto. These originals are computer scans of most of the passages containing authentic materials in the Pashto reader. Presents original published or photographed forms to give the students practice in dealing with the language exactly as it appears in newspapers, books, magazines, handwriting, advertising, and wall paintings. The 37 selections are presented in 6 units: essays; articles; stories; poetry; public writing; and letters and memoranda.