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Tegey, Habibullah & Robson, Barbara: Pashto Reader Passages in Transcription
Author: Tegey, Habibullah & Robson, Barbara
Title: Pashto Reader Passages in Transcription
Year: 1992
Remark: Abstract: A reader with transcribed passages that comprises one component of the "Pashto Reader" materials. Accompanies "Pashto Reader", which is the basic text, and the "Pashto Reader Originals", which are the passages in their original published forms. Presents passages in Pashto in broad phonetic transcription, for use by linguists and others interested in the structure and pronunciation of ayuthentic Pashto but unfamiliar with the written script. The 45 passages are divided into 7 groups: essays; articles; stories; poetry; public writing (signs and advertising); letters and memoranda; and fractured Pashto.