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Tegey, Habibullah & Robson, Barbara: Pashto-English Glossary for the CAL Pashto Materials
Author: Tegey, Habibullah & Robson, Barbara
Title: Pashto-English Glossary for the CAL Pashto Materials
Year: 1993
Remark: Series: CAL Pashto Materials Abstract: A glossary for the CAL Pushto materials; that includes all the words taught in "Beginning Pashto," " Intermediate Pashto," " Pashto Reader," and "Pashto Conversation". It contains ca. 4000 entries. Each entry consists of the Pushto word or phrase on the right side of the page, in the Pushto alphabet; a roman-alphabet transcription of pronunciation in square brackets immediately preceding the Pushto; the English equivalent or explanation, grammatical information, and the unit or lesson of the Pushto text in which the entry first appears. Prefatory material includes a key to the abbreviations used. Each page has a heading, in English, designed to facilitate making copies from the single copy provided by the publishers (ERIC).