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Abbi, Anvita: Languages of Tribal and Indigenous Peoples of India : The Ethnic Space
Author: Abbi, Anvita
Title: Languages of Tribal and Indigenous Peoples of India : The Ethnic Space
Year: 1997
Remark: Contents: Preface. I. In search of identity: 1. Introduction/Anvita Abbi. 2. Questions on the linguistic characteristics of the tribal languages of India/E. Annamalai. 3. Linguistics and Indian tribal languages/M.B. Emeneau. 4. The scheduled tribes and their languages/K.S. Singh. 5. Demographic indicators of language persistence and shift among tribals : a sociolinguistic perspective/Lachman M. Khubchandani. 6. Language planners as issue identifiers or issue evaders : conflicts of interest in language planning with reference to linguistic minorities/Imtiaz Hasnain. II. Contact and convergence: 7. Loss of /0/ in Kui, Sora, and Oriya. A clue for sub-linguistic area/Panchanan Mohanty. 8. Language situation and linguistic convergence (with special reference to Kuvi)/M. Israel. 9. Languages in contact in Jharkhand : a case of language conflation, language change and language convergence/Anvita Abbi. III. Indo-Aryan: 10. The grammar of poetics : on some linguistic techniques in an oral epic from the Garhwal Himalayas/Claus Peter Zoller. IV. Dravidian: 11. Two remarks on dravidian historical morphology : first person pronoun on Brahui and tense forms in Gondi/M.S. Andronov. 12. The use and semantic values of verbal stems in Badaga/Christiane Pilot-Raichoor. 13. Malto numeral classifiers/B.P. Mahapatra. V. Autro-asiatic: 14. Noun-verb distinction in Munda languages/D.N.S. Bhat. 15. Pronominal and nominal incorporation in Gorum/Arlene R.K. Zide. 16. Sora noun inflection/Stanley Starosta. 17. Gutob pronominal clitics and related phenomena elswhere in Gutob-Remo-Gta?/Norman Zide. 18. Typology of language change and maintenance among the Santals and Mundas/M. Ishtiaq. 19. Word order in Khasi/K.S. Nagaraja. 20. Compounding in Khasi/Mayjee Philip. VI. Tibeto-Burman: 21. Pronominalization in the Himalayan languages of Himachal pradesh and Uttar pradesh/D.D. Sharma. 22. Negation in Kuki-Naga languages/Chungkham Yashwanta Singh. 23. The passive in Mizo/K.V. Subbarao and B. Lalitha. 24. Expressive morphology as manner adverbs in Khasi, Tangkhul Naga and Kuki-Chin languages/Anvita Abbi and Ahum victor. 25. Script and ethnolinguistic identity : the meiteilong quagmire/Kailash Aggarwal. VII. Andamanese: 26. Pronominal prefixes and formative affixes in Andamanese language/S. Manoharan. Appendices. Index. "This volume represents the first attempt to give a broad overview of the linguistic structures of indigenous and tribal languages of five major language families of India, such as Andamanese, Austroasiatic, Dravidian, Indo Aryan and Tibeto Burman. It includes twenty six studies by internationally renowned scholars who, taken together, have covered a large canvas by addressing the questions of identify of the tribal languages, the dynamics of these languages represented in their use and structures, and the question of language change in Indian multilingual contexts. Some of these languages covered in the volume have never been worked upon earlier in the linguistic literature. The geographical space is large, the date is rich, and the issues raised open new directions of research. Many of the contributors have spent a long and arduous time in collecting first-hand data in the field, which not only gives authenticity to the research conducted but also sets a history. In this way the current anthology is unique in its nature."