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Language Server
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The LanguageServer is a web-based platform that provides information and materials on languages (LLOW), language learning & teaching materials (LLTM) and language corpora (LDATA).

The LanguageServer is work in progress and still at an early stage of development. At its final stage, it will offer a wide range of materials and informations on languages, language learning, and linguistics. The LanguageServer is a project initiated and supported by the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Graz and is organised and implemented by the Department of Linguistics.
LLOW - Languages of the World organizes and describes languages of the world according to various parameters and criteria.

LLTM - Language Learning & Teaching Materials available ot the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Graz

LAMM - Learner Autonomous Language Material primarily contains material supplying additional exercises for language teaching.

SignIT - Development of a range of multimedia products to support the learning of Austrian Sign Language. SignIT comprises: a website providing information on Sign Language acquisition, an e-learning platform, a self-study SL course on CD-Rom, and an expanding online dictionary.

Vanishing Voices tries to present lesser used and known languages as well as languages or language varieties threatened by extinction in a playful way. The language games, which were originally produced for Romani varieties, will be continuously expanded in the future.

LDATA - Linguistic Data Bases comprises among others linguistic data bases, linguistic tools and language corpora available at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Graz.

Badip - Banca dati dell'italiano parlato contains an online corpus of contemporary spoken Italian

Construction of a Slovak Text Data Base - This project studies quantitative aspects of texts in order to describe linguistic and textual regularities. For this purpose, it is necessary to construct a profound text data bank with the relevant meta-data. The Slovak text database will contain several hundred texts from more different authors, carefully chosen with regard to specific characteristics.

Documentation of styrian dialects and geographical names, prevalent in the districts (Vermessungsbezirke) of Deutschlandsberg, Hartberg, and Judenburg. Explorations have taken place since the 1970ies. The aim of the project is a linguistic atlas of styrian dialects and a toponomasticon of geographical names of Styria.

Reduplication Database - The Graz Database of Reduplication is designed to provide access to a representative data on reduplication from the languages of the world, according to well established typological criteria.

QuanTa - Quantitative Text Analysis The Graz Project QuanTa focuses on the application of quantitative methods in the field of the humanities. Statistics is considered to be an appropriate meta-language for cultural studies in general, and for linguistic studies as one specific instance of them.

ROMLEX is a comprehensive documentation of the Romani lexicon with translations into various languages.

SignLex: Arbeit und Soziales - Development of a multimedia Austrian Sign Language/German glossary for employment and social affairs. The glossary will be available on CD-Rom in 2006.

TermITAT - The online termbase of the Department of Translation Studies (ITAT) containing entries in up to 12 languages.

TermServe - The Terminology Service Site of the Department of Translation Studies with access to the online termbase TermITAT and a bibliographic database with information on terminology collections.

Word Length Frequencies and their Distribution in Slavic Texts - Given that the word is a central element for any (process of) text construction, the project concentrates on word length and their frequencies in texts. Word length frequency is organized not chaotically, but by specific laws; knowledge of these laws allows deep insights into text structure and processing.

Oswald von Wolkenstein - A regional, temporal and factual interrelated text collection about the famous late medieval poet who was also a very active politician. The aim is to edit all the documents and references of this iridescent person and to give each document a historical commentary at its side.

Zeichen setzen! - Development of a multimedia Austrian Sign Language/German glossary for ICT. The glossary is available on CD-Rom. An on-line version is currently being developed.